ASICS: The Big Chase

This weekend I performed in a first-of-its-kind experiential running event produced for ASICS, in which participants ran a 2.5 mile loop through historic areas of Downtown L.A. encountering vignettes from an original noir storyline. Continuing my work with Wilderness, I devised my own portion of the performance and helped cull dialogue from Dorothy Parker, Raymond Chandler, Nathanael West and John Fante. 

I played a "feral femme fatale:" Theda Bara meets '30s heroin'd socialite meets straight-up witch.


Alone in an abandoned hydrotherapy room on the fourth floor of DTLA's Dutch Chocolate Shop building, I interacted one-on-one with the runners-turned-audience members-turned-gumshoe detectives.

Filmed for short-form content and social media, ASICS' "The Big Chase" was a blend of immersive theatre and commercial media that was workshopped at the Cannes Lions.