Renditions: Bloody Mary @ Montserrat

Renditions is a monthly experience hosted by Montserrat, featuring curated works of art, film, theatre, dance and music all originally-devised and inspired by the same story. In this case, just in time for Halloween, the night centered around Bloody Mary.

Based on an initial sketch by Grace DeVoll (ZFlesh and Bone), our piece follows a party-girl-turned-good-girl as she pops a couple Xanax, dodges her well-meaning blue-blood fiance, and calls upon her childhood idol, the ghost Bloody Mary, for pre-marital advice.

Writing partner/drinking partner Jacqueline Tozzi and I spent a couple days improvising and rehearsing with director Maxwell Hamilton to adapt the piece to our sense of humor and chemistry.

I also accidentally chewed and swallowed multiple prescription antihistamines, as opposed to the provided mints as planned, proving I will do anything for the sake of a good bit.